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Company Profile

  Shenzhen Huakeda Plastic Hardware Co., Ltd.

  Shenzhen Huakeda Plastic Hardware Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the production of plastic shell. It has accumulated more than 18 years of practical experience from plastic mould development, design, mould manufacturing, product selection, material use to plastic shell injection production, and has been continuously improving, innovating and practicing for a long time. In addition, we have the core exquisite technology to make our products more delicate and textured.

  The main products are:

  Vehicle housing series, charger housing series, hardware accessories series.

  Vehicle housing series: car charging shell, car charger shell, car cigarette lighter shell, temporary parking plate, car mobile phone bracket, etc.

  Charger housing series: adapter housing, wireless charging housing and other products;

  Hardware accessories series: automatic lathe parts, car filling hardware.

  Support customer OEM, ODM customization.

  The company is equipped with perfect equipment to meet customer needs. The main equipment: there are more than 20 injection moulding machines, including 14 all-electric Japanese high-speed precision injection moulding machines, the maximum tonnage is 180T, the speed of fire is 350; the supporting equipment of the mould workshop is high-precision production equipment such as computer gongs, mirror spark machine, water grinder, etc., and also equipped with solid products. Laboratory to strictly control product quality.

  The company has experienced technical personnel and complete production quality management system, with a number of well-equipped departments: Engineering Department, Mould Department, Injection Molding Department, Automatic Lathe Hardware Department, Computer Gong Processing Center, Line Cutting Processing Center, Quality Department, Screen Printing Department, etc. With the quality policy of "pursuing excellence and striving for perfection", the company strictly operates in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 certification quality management system in every link of product process formulation, production operation, product quality detection and product after-sale management, and has obtained a number of design patents and other practical patents for on-board housing. And through the California 65, POHS and other environmental certification, to ensure that meet customer needs, to provide customers with quality products, competitive prices and good service, sincerely look forward to our hot pillow for our cooperation to create a better future!

  Huakoda takes "quality first, customer first" as its tenet, takes "honesty management, steady development" as its business philosophy, takes "keeping pace with the times, independent innovation" as its business thinking, and takes "becoming a high-level enterprise in the manufacturing industry of vehicle charger shell" as its business vision. Huakoda people believe: based on long-term interests, Huakoda's brand will become stronger and stronger in the precipitation of time, achieve win-win situation with partners, and develop with customers together! Achieving customers means achieving yourself. Our products can better meet customer needs and have a better market for customers, which is our greatest wish and the driving force of our company's sustainable development.

  Work environment: not only to meet the basic material needs of employees, but also to achieve their rich ideal lifestyle and goals, through a healthy working environment, enriched work content and a harmonious working atmosphere.

  Nowadays, enterprises and individuals are developing in a benign interactive way, so that every employee can have a good sense of social responsibility, teamwork spirit, dedication and love of the post.

  Huakoda's professional team strives to serve you and create brilliance.

  Service Hotline: 400-8328-818

  1. Company Name: Shenzhen Huakeda Plastic Hardware Co., Ltd.

  2. 1st and 4th floors, Section A, Building A, Hezhou Sunshine Industrial Park, Hezhou Community, Hangcheng Street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, China (Metro: 650 meters from Exit A of Zhongwu South Station)

  3. Initial date of establishment: 2000

  4. Internal Management System Reference Standard: Beijing Hyde Certification/ISO 9001:2015 Certification Quality Management System

  5. Area: 4500 square meters

  6. Company Tel: 0755-27920578 27455282 Fax: 0755-29642181

  7. Company website: www.szlgh.cn www.szhkd.cn www.szhkdsj.com




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