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How efficient is the cell phone charger housing?

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  Mobile phone charger shell is a product that many people use now. It can be used in mobile power supply. It plays a very good protective role for power supply. It has high reliability, high efficiency, design soft-start circuit, AC drift surge current to limit, long service life, wide input voltage range, and meets the global usage scale. It has good insulation function, high electrical resistance, short circuit, overload, over voltage protection function, small size, light weight, generous appearance and other advantages.

  The forming process of the mobile phone charger shell only requires that the strength of the rack is enough to support the weight of the material, the die and the rack itself, so as to prevent the material from leaking out of the closed-die force; moreover, during the whole forming process, the material is hardly affected by any external force except the natural gravity, so it has completely the function of machine-die processing and manufacturing. Convenient, short cycle, low cost advantages.

  Input characteristics of mobile phone charger housing:

  1. Charging mode, first constant current, then constant voltage;

  2. Input voltage DC5V;

  3. Charging indicator lamp. When charging, the LED lamp flashes according to the amount of electricity and turns on after full filling.

  4. Charging current is 0.8A+10%.


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