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Brief explanation on purchase and use of on-board charger

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  The problem of too fast power consumption of mobile phones also makes many people headache, so many car owners will prepare a car charger on the car in case of emergency, but although the car charger is good to use, but the quality of car chargers on the market is not uniform, the following small edition will talk about the purchase of car chargers and the use of precautions.

  Notes for Purchasing a Vehicle Charger Shell and Vehicle Charger

  1. Choose well-known brands: When choosing on-board chargers, car owners should try to choose well-known brands and products from regular manufacturers. Although the price will be relatively higher, the quality will be more secure.

  2. Don't buy "three-nothing" products: don't buy products with low prices, nor buy or use "three-nothing" products. Make sure that the information of production standards, factory name and address is printed on the outer packaging of products.

  3. Confirmation of Safety Devices: In addition to recognizing brands and not buying three non-products, owners should also know whether the flame retardancy of the selected car shell is up to the standard, and whether they have over-current protection devices. Generally, small car charges are likely not equipped with overcurrent protection, and should be avoided as far as possible.

  Fourth, don't blindly pursue high current: when the current is too large or the interface is too large, there may be more faults and dangerous situations, so when the car owner purchases the car charge, it is better not blindly pursue high current, multi-interface and charging speed. In addition, at present, some car charges on the market still have voltage and current falsely marked situation, we must pay attention to when buying and using.

  Cautions for Use of Car Charger Shell and Car Charger

  1. Do not insert the vehicle charge before starting the engine, otherwise the starting voltage may damage the vehicle charge.

  2. Remember to charge and pull out the car after the vehicle is out of fire. Although many vehicles'cigarette lighters will stop power supply after pulling out the key, there are still many cars that are continuously powered.

  3. Car charging should not be used at high temperature. Especially when the temperature inside the car is too high in summer (usually over 45 C), we should remember to unplug the car charging. In addition, we should try to avoid knocking, throwing and shaking the car charging at will when we use it in normal time, otherwise it is easy to damage the internal circuit board.

  4. Car filling should also avoid water intake, or be placed in a humid environment for a long time, otherwise the internal components are easy to oxidize and corrode.

  5. Severe detergents and chemicals will cause serious corrosion damage to the car charges, so when cleaning, we must pay attention to it.

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